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Crappy flashes getting through

2007-08-16 22:14:40 by klayness

Really people, use your common sense. Vote on things based on their quality, entertainment, funniness, etc, not just because it says something silly for one frame or it has to do with some crew or group. Clockday is over people! We need to regain our sanity.


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2007-08-16 22:27:09

Clock Day was yesterday. That was kinda the whole point.


2007-08-16 23:23:42



2007-08-16 23:47:10

This only happens on clock day, it's over now & you can go on living


2007-08-17 00:11:28

I hate clock day Every year I try to blam every single pice of shit that I see, but it never works.

After all clock day is a test, only a n00b (or spammer) would vote 2-5 on those shity flashes.

I even ranted about it on the forms, but even the mods were n00bs and gave me a 14 day ban.

But srsly Tom Fulp should do something about it, like delete the shity flashes.

Plz Note I tried to blam all of the shit, but it didn't work.

Man I HATE mass voting!


2007-08-17 01:01:51

I will never regain my sanity! NEVER!


2007-08-17 01:18:32

Its the noobs!There doing this!


2007-08-17 02:17:33

Don't blame us. Clocks hate it too.

klayness responds:

I'm sure.


2007-08-17 02:25:49

like you can actually do shit to stop it. the majority of the portel is crappy. deal with it.

klayness responds:

I know a lot is crap, but its when the good submissions get less than the crap that makes me mad.


2007-08-17 02:37:32

THANK YOU OMFG! I've been trying to get people to get that but they won't listen to me...perhaps they will to you...


2007-08-17 02:49:47

Theres nothing anybody can do about it. Strawberry Clock and his *Clock Crew* are probally some of Newgrounds most frequent viewers, and Flup has to do what the majority of his viewers say, or risk loseing hits.

The only thing you can do if you hate the Clock Crew is leave Newgrounds. Its hard to sallow, but so long as people continue comeing here, and the flow is not disrupted, Clock Crew will still be allowed to post.

On top of that the Clock Crew isen't doing anything agenst the rules. Unfortunally theres no rule saying you cant pretend you like flash movies with less than a then sutible ammount of effort put in.

If you like Newgrounds, all you can do is vote on the quality of flash, insted of the logo it represents.

Flup didn't intend on Newgrounds being a site where people would vote without watching a movie, just beceause a friend posted it, or just beceause an enemy posted it. He intend for people to watch movies, and enjoy themselves. If they werent fulilled with an entry, he intended his system to get rid of the movie.

If your a Clock Crew member, then watch your fellow members movies before reviewing, and if you dislkie Clock Crew, do the same. Blaming a Clock Crew movie on princepal that it if from Clock Crew is just as bad as them wanting every one of their creations intact, however much time they did or did not spend on it.

Thats at least what I belive, that it is. You can choose to belive it or not, but in the end its as simple as this: as long as nothing bad happens to newgrounds Fulp is obligated to turn an eye to it. He doesen't know what the outcome of stoping Clock Day would be, it could kill Newgrounds, I am not even shure how mambers are apart of them.

The only reason he would do something about Clock Days submissions, is if people started leaveing Newgrounds because of it.


2007-08-17 08:13:58

amen to that im sick of the crap posted on clock day!!! i near had a shit fit when i logged on unawares of the travisty that is clock day being that day to find the main page plastered with CRAP! blam this shit!


2007-08-17 11:31:47

It's been like that for as long as I can remember.

Stop bitching about a problem that will never go away.