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Crappy flashes getting through

2007-08-16 22:14:40 by klayness

Really people, use your common sense. Vote on things based on their quality, entertainment, funniness, etc, not just because it says something silly for one frame or it has to do with some crew or group. Clockday is over people! We need to regain our sanity.

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I had no clue they locked the names back on march first.

this name makes me sound like a nine-year-old kid with no dignity, by which I mean a knox fan.
oh well.
hopefully I can come up with some second meaning for it... like... King Leward Ate Yellow Notes Every Sunday Silently.

IE bomb:
javascript:x='a=string.fromCharCode(34);window.location=\'ja vascript:x\'+a+x+a+\';eval(x)\';';eval(x)


2007-07-17 18:38:54 by klayness

This new newgounds is stinking awesome. I'll probably get a game out soon.